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How can I find a good doctor who is knowledgeable about PD and is caring as well? My doctor does not always listen.

This question was asked by a member of PDCommunity! It is important to find a clinician that is both knowledgeable, open to your ideas and empathic.

  • If you feel that your current doctor does not listen to you or is not aligned with your treatment values, talk with them about your concerns. They may appreciate your honesty and find ways to work with you.
  • ¬†Support groups are a place to start to find out how doctors in your area interact with their patients.
  • Contact your local and national foundations to discuss doctors ¬†in your area, The National Parkinson’s Foundation ( help line can help you find someone in your area. The NWPF can help if you live in the Northwest US.
  • Try scheduling an appointment with anther doctor. Some patients find it helpful to simply schedule an appointment to meet a physician and talk about their goals before they select their doctor.

Please help and add your suggestions for finding a doctor that is a good fit for you.


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