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Power of the mind to move treatment further

I have just completed a series of on mind-body medicine and the power of the mind in improving one’s outlook, treatment outcomes and perhaps life trajectory when living with a chronic condition.  An experience at a recent lecture coupled with my own observations as a physician has led to the following observations:

1. You don’t need a lot of special props programs or techniques.

2. Be intentional.  Identify what your intentions and goals are and how you are going to pay attention to the goal in the moment. This will help you identify and complete the steps needed to get there.

3. Find a moment. You may not need 20 or 40 minutes to get started.  Simply taking two minutes for yourself, engaging your mind’s power on that very moment is the best way to get started

4. De-stress. Learn what works best for you – yoga tai chi, deep breathing exercises, aromatherapy, medication or guided imagery to name a few of the stress reduction techniques or activities available to you.

5. Learn to label your feelings or ideas. Science tells us that simply labeling our feelings or identifying the cause of our fears, concerns or reactions helps us deal better with distressing life events

6. Practice loving kindness. To others and equally important our selves.

7. Combine these stress reduction techniques and/or positive affirming techniques with medical care for the best response. What would happen if you couple a few minutes of guided imagery or meditation after taking a medication, exercising or any other treatment helpful for you condition. The additive effects may surprise you.

Add your own observation or activity you have found helpful to enhance the powerful effects of mind on body by replying with your own comment


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Music Enhances Brain Activity

Music is good for us and good for our brains.  Neurobiologist, Dr. Larry Sherman reviewed the benefits of music and the lasting effects of music on our brain chemistry, structure and neural connections.  Music helps people with Parkinson’s move, improves freezing, enhances mood, sense of well-being, creativity and connects us to our world and each other. Sing, dance, pick up an instrument and increase your brain’s potential today.

Presentation by Dr. Larry Sherman  at the Bing Lounge in Portland.  Here is the link:

Learn more about music therapy and Parkinson’s disease

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Does stress cause Parkinson’s?

Reduce stress and improve symptoms.

Does stress cause Parkinson’s?  My tremor is only noticeable when I am under  stress.

Although stress may not cause Parkinson’s, it certainly can affect how you feel with the disease, cope and adjust to symptoms and your own tendency to take charge of your condition.

Stress can worsen symptoms, especially tremor and freezing. Steps to reduce stress can improve these symptoms.  Mindfulness therapies such as yoga, guided imagery, meditation and hypnosis can help.  Learn more… 


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