About Dr. Giroux

Dr Giroux is director and co-founder of the Movement & Neuroperformance  Center of Colorado. You can learn more about Dr. Giroux on her Holistic Brain Health blog, DrGiroux.com

Dr. Giroux received her medical degree from Ohio State University, completed her Neurology residency at Yale and Movement Disorders fellowship at Emory University.  She also completed a fellowship in holistic health and Integrative Medicine at the University of AZ.  She is board certified in Neurology.  She specializes in the comprehensive care for people with movement and cognitive disorders and integrates non-medical approaches with traditional medical and surgical treatment.

In addition to her work with the NWPF, Dr. Giroux is working nationally to  advance quality care and wellness for Parkinson’s as medical faculty for the National Parkinson’s Foundation Allied Team Training Program and project leader for the National Parkinson’s Foundation Care Center Consortium project.  She is author of multiple books about Parkinson’s disease and patient self-care.

  • Click here to see Dr. Giroux’s publications

Her focus on interdisciplinary rehabilitation, team medicine, mind-body medicine, exercise and lifestyle, hope and wellness for people with progressive disabling conditions insures our educational and support materials include a holistic person-centered approach.


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