Alter Your Course with Parkinson’s- New book to guide the way!

Alter Your Course with Parkinson'sLearn what you can do today to do better and feel better with Parkinson’s disease tomorrow.

 “You have Parkinson’s disease.”  Sitting in your doctor’s office, hearing these words for the first time changes everything. You may not know much about Parkinson’s disease (PD) or you may be familiar with the disease though a family member or friend and wondering if your future will be similar to theirs. Either way you are now thinking, “so what changes are in store for me, how will this affect my future, or can I do anything that will make a difference in how I feel or progress .”

No one can predict the future. However, each of us can influence our future through the choices we make, attitudes we embrace and information we receive. As the title suggests, this book is written to give you the guidance, support and confidence you need to influence your future and alter the course of your life with Parkinson’s disease.

As clinicians, we have spent almost two decades treating PD with a unique emphasis on both movement disorders and integrative medicine that includes holistic care, personal healing and emphasis on the patient experience. This has provided a lens for which to ‘see’ this condition with a different perspective- one with a focus on what is possible over what is not possible.

This book is not intended to be filled with facts about the disease;  there are many books that cover these topics.  Instead we have focused on these 2 questions, “does PD present an opportunity in disguise? what information, action steps or attitudes are most helpful early in the disease to set the stage for current and future wellbeing.”

order your copy to alter your course.



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