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New Book! DBS A patient guide to deep brain stimulation

A book for people interested in or already  living with DBS

A book for people interested in or already living with DBS

DBS A patient guide to deep brain stimulation

by Sierra Farris PAC and Monique Giroux, MD

Visit this link to order your copy.

This book distills a high tech brain surgery into understandable terms for every reader. This guide offers a wealth of information whether new to DBS or already living with DBS. The authors bring 14 years’ experience working as a DBS team in treating over 1000 DBS patients. Their easy to read format is packed with practical tips in a patient-centered approach. The authors hope to promote patient empowerment by offering insights that are rarely shared outside the clinic appointment. Being well informed is the first step in making the right decision for you.

Deep brain stimulation offers years of symptom relief for people with Parkinson’s disease, tremor and dystonia. DBS may even modify the disease course and improve quality of life when other therapies are not enough. As medical consumers, patients must become their own advocates to ensure that they are well informed, especially before agreeing to brain surgery. Filled with case studies, personal stories, practical tips and unique graphics, this book offers in-depth easy to understand explanations for one of the most high tech procedures that can turn back the clock on neurological disease.

DBS programming expert Sierra Farris, PAC explains that “the day you have DBS surgery is the first day of the rest of your life. Make sure you know what you are getting into and even more important, feel confident with your chosen team.” These words echo the sentiments of both authors and their patient centered approach to care.

Chapters include detailed explanations of DBS therapy, expectations for improvement, the surgical evaluation process, and surgical procedure. An emphasis on stimulation programming principles and troubleshooting steps for poor outcomes remains an important aspect to a life-time of therapy. Long-term care tips, DBS specific lifestyle tips and caregiver impact is discussed. Finally, myths and controversies make this book unique and an important guide for you- the patient.


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