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Most popular posts of 2012

Wondering what others are reading about?

2012 PDCommunity!We analyzed 17,000 views from 106 countries to determine the top 5 posts of 2012. See the NWPF Wellness Center for more information and additional links to these topics.

The 5 most popular blog postings in the year 2012.

#5.  Should I take CoQ10 for my Parkinson’s?

#4.  Is Parkinson’s hereditary?

#3.  Top 10 foods for PD

#2.  Does stress cause Parkinson’s?

#1.  Does Azilect slow disease progression?

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What are you grateful for this holiday season?

What are you grateful for?A positive attitude and gratitude for that which adds meaning and value to life can help you deal with life’s set backs, frustrations and improve health related problems. Gratitude can even be found during and even increase in the setting of difficult times. Gratitude enhances positive thinking which can help us deal with health related problems. Gratitude can help us better manage stress which not only worsens how we feel with PD but is linked to health problems such as depression, anxiety, heart disease and cancer.

What is the take home message? Use these techniques to take a moment and reflect on what you are grateful for to improve your sense of well-being, mood, PD symptoms and perhaps general health.

  • Tell yourself something you are grateful for, thankful of, or appreciative of each day.
  • Take this exercise on step further by writing your thoughts of gratitude down in a book or journal.
  • Share your thoughts of gratitude with you partner or someone special in your life.
  • Take a moment out of each week to read your thoughts of gratefulness.

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