Ode to Parkinson’s- Poem from Member

Ode to Parkinson’s

Posted with Permission by Author John Tripp, Diagnosed with PD 2006

(April 8, 2012 Version 2)

They told me I have Parkinson’s,

and all they know for sure…

 it will get worse every year,

‘til someone finds a cure.

I felt so alone and frighten,

I’ll become some sort of freak,

bent over and shaky,

unsteady on my feet.

So I began preparing

to hide myself away

but then thought of Muhammad –

(once known as Cassius Clay).

A proud and mighty fighter,

knocked down by this disease,

then stood and lite that Olympic flame

so all the world could see.

Then I thought of Michael Fox,

(he does not hides away)

but leads the charge to find a cure

for Parkinson’s today.

So I make this promise,

I will never hide,

but live life to the fullest

(and set my fears aside).

And though I may be shuffling,

as you pass me by,

I’ll hold my head high as I can

And greet you eye to eye.

 And, if my struggles make you skittish,

 look closer and you will see,

I’m the same person I’ve always been,

just packaged differently.

So when someone is struggling,

be kind as you can be.

It’s not some freak you’re seeing

it’s just Muhammad… Michael… and Me.


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One response to “Ode to Parkinson’s- Poem from Member

  1. Ode To Parkinson’s ” poem is excellent. I flows well and reads smoothy. (there is one typo-he does not hide away, not hides away).
    The messsage is clear and delivers hope as it describes the horror of having Parkinson’s disease. Maybe horror is a strong word but it is appropriate because the big “P”, as I call it, haunts you in some way all your life. I liked the last line, it’s just Muhammad…Michael…and Me.

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