Medication Assistance

Medication Assistance is available

Are there programs that help people get and afford their medications? 

I have found these resources for people who need to purchase medications but do not have the resources.  Some drug companies will help people without medication coverage and some will also help people who have medicare Part D if they are low income.  You can contact the pharmaceutical company online by searching  the name of your drug on the web and contacting their patient assistance program.  Check out these additional resources:

NeedyMeds: Non profit information resource on programs that may be able to offer help to patients.
Extra  Help: Provided by Medicare to help those with limited resources and income pay for monthly premiums, annual deductibles and prescription co payments related to a medicare prescription drug plan or 800-633-4227
RxAssist  Broad database of patient-assistance programs.  It is part of the Center for Primary Care and Prevention at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island
RxOutreach  Non Profit that offers prescription medicines to uninsured individuals and families, as well as those who have limited prescription drug coverage
Each plan needs an application and your doctor will have to fill it out as well.
See NWPF Wellness Center for more resources on the web. Learn more
Ruth Egger, MA ,  NWPF Program Director

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